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1.4. Win/win

1.4. To Form a balanced partnership and by negotiating a win/win deal.

In business network management it is fundamental to establish a win/win relationship with your partners. This alone will create the balance and indispensable harmony for a useful partnership in the long term. The definition of profits and/or benefits should be carefully negotiated and defined between the parters. Occasionally, over time there is a need to revise the agreement. will exist of the profits in the measure in the the setting goes altering. It's self evident that to always maintain the good will in the agreement we should seek a fair distribution of profits in the perception of both partners.

Each partnership should create a concept win/win. When one party is earning much more than another, we have only two options:

(A) equilibrium should be achieved soon or

(b) the relationship will chill and, occasionally, it will break down at some time, what will play for land all the previous effort.

It is always prudent to value and respect properly all the successes of the organization. It's worth remembering that a partnership always exists for the exchange of knowledge between the partners. That same knowledge can favor the competitors once it is available in the market.

draft by Octavio Pitaluga net weight 6/22/07

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