quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2007

1.10. Hints on Using Online Tools

Plan to build a position of high recognition and confidence inside your network.

1. Choose the best tools for networking online.

2. Present a clear and worthwhile proposal in your profile; be clear about who you are.

3. Connect yourself to the top networkers in each platform;

4. Lead by serving within your own business network;

5. You should share your knowledge without expect anything in exchange;

6. Actively communicate and give indications when you feel comfortable or if you are concerned;

7. An active connector invites a broad range of people to join his or her network. Do that independent of the geography. In a global world you, never know who knows who and what opportunities can come from those connections. You never know when or from whom new opportunities may arise.

8. Look for the ICSAR potential with each partner;
Identity: Complimentary; Synergies; Leverage; Resonance

9. Publish information about yourself on the platforms of your choice. Other people are going to put small pieces of their own profile in many platforms according to their own preferences.

10. Write articles and blogs of general interest. That will increase your visibility and the value of your membership as perceived by the community;

11. Organize a well focused club or online group in a network you participate in regularity;

12. Establish direct communicators by email or by phone to follow up items of interest with the people in your network. This will accelerate the formation exchange and help to create a partnership. It is essential that someone takes the initiative to develop a relationship.

13. Have your references online. This will help to build your reputation and show one's credibility about one's expertise;

14. Be kind to the media, the most powerful of all the business networks. A journalist may be interested in you some day. The confidence of your network in your professionalism and vice versa is the greatest reward that can be acquired as a result of your networking activities. The measure of that confidence solidifies through time. The frequency and volume of the commercial transactions will slowly grow. Confidence and trust are the cement used in the building of worthy partnerships and of long term.

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