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1.3. Formula for Wealth

Wealth = Value x Leverage

As in any multiplication, the factor values that we insert on either side of the multiplier alter the final result. It is common for companies and professionals to claim development success by changing one factor in the equation. They tend to forget to work on the other factor at the same time.

As consequence, business development activities seldom achieve their full potential. We understand that the richest countries are more easily able to achieve wealth objectives. To the extent that the value factor is increased and also maximizes the factor of leverage, the generation of wealth is a natural consequence. The commercial partners sharing the same culture possess a stronger identification with the business. This solid confidence within the partnership permits more business be concluded more quickly. Specially sophisticated and tempting is the new opportunity to increase the existing value shared between the partners in online business networks. Where more value can be created there will be bigger profits and benefits for all of the partners involved, and more wealth generated.

Value can be expressed in diverse ways. These are some of the main concepts:

1. Leadership: There is a clear crisis of leadership across the entire world. Leaders are needed everywhere in the world, but few professionals are really prepared for the challenges of a leadership position. However, we see the germination of new models of leadership. Among these are, the visionary leader and the leadership coach both of which are helping to produce better leadership.

The visionary leader inspires and motivates his team [to itself pawn to the maximum one in the reach of the goals in the measure in that each member of the same one understands clearly the benefits offered to everybody. ]???

The leader coach is that serves to his team and the team for the inherent challenge to everybody.

Both of these leaders work for each other in the first place and believe firmly that positive results will be a natural consequence of that work. [ Of ours breaks,] we glimpse the presence of the CNO – Chief Networking Officer – that manages not only a personal business network but is also the network agent for building on the existing relationships of all of the partners inside the network (internal and external).

2. Time: "Time is money" is a maxim in business. The majority of wealthy persons are more efficient in the management of time and the investment of their time than those who have still not achieved such wealth. When we respect the time and the terms established with the members of the network, we add value to the network. We shouldn't shift the burden that is fairly ours, onto other people.

3. Respect: All the times when a company or professional disregards a client or commercial partner, a real loss of value in the partnership occurs. The reputation of the company and/or name of the professional can lose value very quickly. That can be measured by the loss of market share or even of professional status depending on the judgment of the competent authority and superiors in the corporate hierarchy. Sometimes, it is possible to reestablish confidence and good will towards the future with a change of personnel. Unfortunately, often, the mischief is so deep that the change is irreparable. Normally, our competition thanks us for those mistakes.

4. Knowledge: In the information society that we have become, knowledge is put to work. Yet, people choose to ignore established facts, in favor of political or religious prejudices, despite the unfavorable results. Sometimes the most capable persons technical skills are disregarded for personal, racial, religious and/or political reasons. There are numerous cases where highly qualified professionals, especially those who qualified overseas, who cannot find a niche to do work compatible with his /her expertise in the domestic market? Meanwhile, India is the country with the greatest number of professionals holding doctorates in the world. The Chinese are growing the number of professionals with international qualifications at an astounding speed. These societies understand the value of professionals with first class knowledge. Sustainable economic growth depends on the development of intellectual capital, and first class scholars are indispensable agents of that change.

As a country, Brazil must learn to value fairly the professionals who possess a level of advanced knowledge and allow them to use and develop and transfer their knowledge, thus becoming agents of change and enrichment in the community.

5. Creativity: Brazilian people are among the most creative peoples of the world. We are even envied and respected for this natural ability so clearly expressed in soccer, music, dances, fashion and all forms of art. However, we still do not translate that creativity into commercial activity that plays strongly in the world of international commerce. With the exception of the traditional mineral and agricultural commodities, usually, the international buyers uncover our "diamonds" to be resold internationally at a much bigger value than the price [ I pay by the even. ] The first stage in the trial of internationalization, we should be able to use of our creativity to negotiate and establish long term partnerships with channels of distribution to world markets.

6. Commitment: Commitment can be defined as an agreement to achieve a time bound goal to work within the agreement to both exercise right and to share rewards that clearly were discussed and defined in the beginning. Any loss of commitment brings harmful consequences. [Obviously that how much bigger will go the purpose of the break, worse will be the worthy loss. Therefore, all the commitment I assume should be fulfilled or quickly renegotiated case the basic premises for the even suffer deep modifications altering of excessively the equilibrium formerly established. ]

7. Ethics: We all remember the cases of Andersen, Enron and MCI WorldCom to only cite some of the most recent financial scandals of the modern western world? The first two were off the business map in a matter of months whereas to last survives as a shadow of the firm that previously existed. These cases, verify a sad black zone of business behavior, a breakdown of business ethics and morality. The most sacred code of corporate identity, trust, was destroyed. And with loss of trust, all the value of the corporation evaporated.

8. Confidence: Confidence is the cement that builds partnerships inside business networks. Without it, no relationship is strong enough to maintain itself in the long term. The more confidence, the shorter the business cycle is. The larger is the flow, frequency and purpose of the activity. When we do business with this partner, that confidence is able to make its mark on both products and service?

9. Boldness: Highly talented persons and companies with big potential do not always possess, the necessary boldness for challenges outside their comfort zone. They fail to assume new risks and expand theie activity [ Not always the more well it prepared defeats.] Usually, the winner is the most daring one, who will fight for victory with more determination.

10. Attitude: Remember the metaphor of the half of the full or empty cup? Which of those is your natural attitude when faced with challenges? There are diverse attitudes that one might choose. When faced with new situations and dilemmas: aggressive or conciliatory, passive or active, etc... or any combination of them. [In a thing we be able to wake up, the winning attitude without that for that be necessary the elimination of too members is to that really aggregates value the society. We go her then.]

Those are some of the intangible values that cannot be dissociated from business. They are the most valuable property that an organization can have. It is practically impossible to measure them, but they are essential elements for the prosperity and survival of the organization

The good news is that these intangibles can be changed although they cannot be bought. A good process of awareness and corporate education is necessary here. It is necessary that all members of the organization understand the ideal and the higher level thinking required for success. Some companies erroneously believe that moderately good product/service, price, local and promotion. [ 1 and., the 4, 5] or that the 8Ps of the Marketing are sufficient for assure to its competitiveness. [ Ledo I mislead. ] Of that ahead a product of quality itself the commitment is not fulfilled? If the partner is disregarded by the team of service powders-sell soon after adhesion? ] Obviously that those points are absolute conditions for be in the business and that the same also add value in the scale, but we should not forget that that which is easily copied or duplicated on a global scale today. However, the intangible values are the main spring for differentiation between the leading companies in the market.

Leverage can be represented by many strengths:

1. Stable Team: A team of professionals with complementary skills and mutually motivated to reach a goal. It is necessary that there is equilibrium and harmony inside the team. All business of success begins with the stable, certain team, focused on the business and motivated by the shared vision of the objective. The composition of the team is one of the first and more important factors it will be analyzed by the investors.

2. Business Contacts: A business network is extremely valuable in developing advanced training in the process of business. His purpose depends on the entity in itself be she a professional in search of better placement in the labor market, evolving for an enterprising one in the seeks by its ideal team, passing for not making an effort to sell our products by electronic means. Business that are expanding its activities in other cities inside and outside your own country.

3. Technology: Every business should have a minimum and, preferably, a good technology based tools for the management and acceleration of the business. We stand out for not processing many electronic transactions. We fail to do enough at a local level that permits that the clients acquire our products somewhere of the world while we sleep.

4. Franchises: A franchise is by definition an agreement in which the franchiser holds the trademark, the experience and the model of the business. The franchiser coaches and qualifies his franchisees to operate inside a methodology that has already demonstrated it's success. The franchisee helps the franchiser to multiply his geographical presence and pays a fee to use the franchisers valuable resources like time, knowledge, experience and energy. Obviously in this agreement both the franchiser and the franchisee benefit. An agreement pre-established between the partners in the last analysis permits the franchiser to continue the expansion of his own business.

5. Global Business: Businesses developed with a global vision have a bigger capacity for expansion than business with purely regional focus. Brazil can only participate effectively in globalization to the extent that our companies have a clear plan for internationalization conceived from the outset. It is fundamental that we have a team of qualified and experienced people to face that challenge. It begins with the founders

6. Mobility: We might define mobility as the capacity to open or close a business in any locality at any time. The more movable, more agile, more responsive and adaptable to the constant changes of the market, and modern society the better will be the chances of survive and prosper in business. [ Equip] furniture, flexible and using of powerful technological tools make an unequal difference in a global competition. The combination of those factors generates confidence that the business will perform and that wealth can be created. We can expect that an economy based on abilities to outweigh economies of scale.

We are speaking much more of interpersonal abilities (soft skills) than of technical abilities (hard skills). The good news is that these interpersonal abilities can be developed through a methodology of solid work [ since have the compromise on the part of the employers with the goals to be achieved. ] Therefore, before any Brazilian company engages in business internationally, it is necessary to align the formula of wealth with the expectation of our richer cousins. Then, we will be literally "speaking the same language" independently of the language used in the dialog in question.

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