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This blog is confidential. The content is of intellectual property of Octavio Pitaluga with refinement of [Osmar between Zózimo] in the elaboration of the workshop and future book about GRN – Friday Business Nets Management, 22 of June of 2007 Introduction

Facilitator Octavio Pitaluga – CNO of the Net-Bridges

International business coach, certified by the ICC – International Coaching Community, Speaker, Facilitator, Columnist, Entrepreneur and Business Networker. In the corporate world was employed by the Group Tele2 Europe as the Director of Marketing and Sales Europe of the subsidiary one of processing of electronic transaction, 3C Communications S/TO, being responsible for marketing and sales of four business units covering up to 17 Western European countries Worked also in the Harvest Sustenances (Group Cargill) and Kanematsu of Brazil.

I possess an MBA/MBI from the RSM Erasmus University, Holland and specialization in International Commerce by the UFRJ/ECEX. I possess academic knowledge and professional experience in international commerce and in the marketing of technology with international exposition of business in more of 25 countries. I have a prominent presence in the main platforms of networking online with a very broad number of contacts in Brazil and in the outside. Languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish and Japanese (intermediate). Leisure: friends, family, journeys, horses, multi-cultural questions, movies, dances, music and activities in the open air.


This workshop is destined for the executive market in general focused on professionals interested in increase his success upon managing its Nets of Business. We expect the presence of businessmen, executive, enterprising and aware liberal professionals to the opportunities created by the adoption of that unique methodology in Brazil.


  1. To understand the importance of the business network management.

  2. To use tools of networking online for manage business networks.

  3. To know the culture of the networking.

  4. Consider the formation of the Business Networks Management Team.

  5. To align the Network Management activities with the goals of the company

  6. Know the Business Network Management methodology

  7. Elaborate a calendar and plan of action.

Benefits (Expected)

  • To Build dependable partnerships with your own network.

  • To Shorten the cycles of the business.

  • Improve the internal communication and with diverse network bringing efficiency, reduction of costs and quick implementation of the projects.

  • Development of a culture mutual helping that consolidates all the networks.

  • Strengthening of the partnerships of long term.

  • Reduction in the business prospecting cost.

  • Increase of the profit value in each partnership well managed.

  • To Create good environment of work that will facilitate the appeal of talented staff and their retention.

  • Improvement in the planning and international actions.

Methodology of Training

Presentation using power point and flipchart

Open questioning and interaction with the facilitator.

Intense debates with the group and the facilitator


09.00Greeting, Objective, Programming and Benefits Expected

Check in. Presentation of the hearing

09.151)Importance of Business Networks

Basic beginnings, Use of Tools of Networking Online, Network Executive
Pages 4-19

10:30Coffee break

10:45Exercise 1Page 19


11:152)CNO and Tools of Business Network ManagementPages 22-23

11:30Exercise 2Page 23


12:003)Differences between the networksPages 26-28


13:404)Goals, Factors of Success and RisksPages 29-30

14:00Exercise 3Page 30


14:405)Mutual Assistance in Business NetworksPages 33-34

15:00Exercise 4Page 34


15:40Coffee break

16:006)Mapping Business NetworksPages 37-38

16:20Exercise 5Page 38


17:007)Defining the Plan of ActionPages 41-42

17:20Exercise 6Page 42


18:00Final considerations / End Workshop


We have two options upon carrying out these ideas:

(A) individually and

(B) in teams.

If individually, the professional will work as if he is the CNO and would assume all the too Business Network Management positions. The biggest benefit would be have the general vision of the whole network to the detriment of making a big individual effort and without the possibility of training that the team will bring him.

As regards teams, to same would be formed by professionals that are working for the same company at present. The ideal team will be about five persons chosen by the CNO and acting as Agents of the Network that will do the management of the main business network.

Original by Octavio Pitaluga edited in English by John Veitch

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