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The Importance of the Business Network Management

1.   The Importance of Business Network Management

Basic beginnings

In the vision of the author, four basic beginnings in the Business Network Management exist:

  • Expansion of your own Business Network

  • Network of John x Network of Mary

  • Formula for Wealth

  • Paying Forward

1.1. Expansion of the Business Network

By definition, all professionals, government, business and non-profit organizations in the same country belong to the Business Network. That's true whether or not the leadership is working with that understanding and applying the principles of networking or not.

All of the necessary resources for developing your business are within your reach inside the Business Network. If the business goals cannot not be reached, it is because the organization could not map to the network sufficiently. It's necessary to established an efficient and clear communication in which the relationships can develop and where the principle of paying forwards is understood and honored between the participants.

In a growing globalized economy such as this one, it makes sense to establish global connections, reaching out in a random way following the principle that from a larger number of connections many valuable people with expertise or business knowledge will be discovered.

We see ten good reasons for expand your network randomly:

  1. New job: We never know when we will need quick help for find another position in the market. It is likely that the opportunity we seek is waiting inside our existing network.

  2. Geographical Expansion of the business: The company will need competent and dependable persons to enable the growth of the business.

  3. Building teams: Where do we find those persons? How do we attract, retain and motivate our people?

  4. For new undertakings, partners, investors: who are the best qualified persons to help with my kind of business?

  5. A route can signify no route: On several occasions, if I had only a single route to someone I can't be sure that I can reach person I'm seeking. My access to that individual is blocked unless those who can link me to that person decide to act like catalysts and open the way. This may be so even if the reason for contact is advantageous to both parties.

  6. Geographical Change: Professionals today have a tendency to relocate more and more as careers develop. It is better to know someone in the neighborhood you are moving into, someone who can guide you around.

  7. Careers and unfortunate relationships: There exist moments when we need a general change in our lives. Who will bear us and will encourage us into a direction that offers a better future? We should be able to find emotional support in our network.

  8. Friends of friends: Remember, the simple connection to anyone is not as important as the extended connection with the friends of his friends.

  9. Future Generations: The connections we develop create a database for our own family to use. If they choose, they can begin to link between our contacts and their friends and reach out to the sons and daughters of those people. They will be able to build on our example and develop a lot business connections more easily and develop those over a longer period.

  10. New friends: Perhaps someone will appear in your network who shares a special understanding with you. One of the things we find most helpful is to share with people who are “like us”.

Original by Octavio Pitaluga edited in English by John Veitch

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